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Buy Real Media Review Buy Real Media Review
December 20, 2019

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Buy Real Media Review



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Buy Real Media Review: In a Nutshell

These days, it isn’t difficult to buy YouTube Views in any quantity you require. Social sellers are popping up all over the place. Nevertheless, buying quality YouTube Views you can count on to get the job done isn’t quite as easy. If looking to both stay safe and maximise the performance of your videos, you need to be selective when choosing a YouTube specialist.

At the request of one of our readers, we decided to check out what was on offer at Buy Real Media. We hadn’t come across that these guys before, so had no specific expectations one way or the other. Three months after placing our order, we’re still impressed with the way the whole thing went down. In terms of quality, value for money and the service we received, everything was first-rate. As far as we’re concerned, a great place to buy YouTube Views to promote your content.

Buy Real Media Review: In Depth

About Buy Real Media

The brand itself has only been online for a few months, but the team behind Buy Real Media brings enormous experience to the table. Owned and operated by a trio of social media specialists, Buy Real Media covers just about every platform out there. Along with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter than the other usual suspects, there’s also a bunch of promotional packages on offer for more diverse and niche platforms.

In this instance, we put them to the test by placing an order for a bunch of YouTube Views. Specifically, we ordered a package of 5,000 YouTube Views, which according to the Buy Real Media website are as authentic as it gets. They certainly weren’t the cheapest YouTube Views we’ve ordered, so we expected big things upon delivery. As for what happened…well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out!

Service Plans

As mentioned above, Buy Real Media offers a comprehensive catalogue of social signals and promotional packages for almost every social network on the market. Service plans can also be customised to suit clients’ requirements, combining multiple products into a single package. Targeted social signals are also on offer, from an extensive list of countries worldwide like the United States, United Kingdom, India, Russia and more.

















1 Million Views


Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

Prior to placing an order, we take a look at a seller’s terms and conditions to see what we’re getting ourselves into. We also strongly advise our readers to do the same. With Buy Real Media, there was no indication that both the brand and its services weren’t being transparent and open regarding its policies. Nothing overly-complicated or unnecessary, as outlined below:

Terms and Conditions

  • Buy Real Media’s terms and conditions are relatively straightforward, presented in a concise document that’s easy to understand.
  • They reserve the right to deny service to anyone suspected to be involved in fraudulent or unethical activities.

Privacy Policy

  • Buy Real Media does not distribute or sell any of its customers’ private data to third-parties for marketing or promotional purposes.
  • Customers may request that their information be corrected or removed from Buy Real Media’s database at any time.

Refund Policy

  • Buy Real Media offers a refund policy, which applies in instances where products and services requested are not delivered within the agreed time period.
  • Refunds are provided exclusively at the discretion of Buy Real Media and do not apply when the company itself is not responsible for the disruption.

Retention Policy

  • All sales with Buy Real Media are backed by up an incredible 180-day retention policy, meaning lost Followers, Fans and so on will be replaced for free during this time.

Customer Support

As part of the purchase process, we also put a seller’s customer service contingency to the test. Which, as you’d imagine, often brings interesting findings to the table. Where possible, we use live-chat facilities to ask questions in real-time, though may also send emails to measure response times and general customer commitment.

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Quality of Support

Average Response Time

9.5 Hours

Was the response provided friendly?


Was the response provided informatively?


Did the company answer all questions thoroughly?


Are there are plenty of answers already on the website?


Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form


Live Chat


Email Address


Phone Number


Mailing Address


Pre-Order Questions and Responses

As Buy Real Media offers a live-chat facility, we submitted a series of questions covering the basics of our order. You’ll find the questions we asked and the answers provided by Buy Real Media outlined below:

9.5 Hours response time

With most orders, delivery begins immediately upon completion of the payment process. For 5,000 Views, the whole thing should be complete within around 72 hours at the most.
Our refund policy covers rare instances where we are unable to perform our services due to our own actions or inactions. Let us know if you encounter any problems and we’ll talk you through the process.
No, we exclusively provide services that take place off-site and therefore will not require access to your YouTube account at any time.
Unfortunately not. We work hard to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers, so it’s not possible to provide samples of the work we produce.
No. We only ever provide Views that come from authentic and active YouTube accounts, so they’re completely undetectable from the real thing.
We mean that the Views added to your videos come from real YouTube accounts with complete profiles and recent evidence of activity. The safest and most authentic social signals you can buy.
Absolutely not. We’ve worked with thousands of customers from all over the world, none of which have ever reported account closures or suspensions.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We also place heavy emphasis on the importance of aftercare, which is why we submit additional questions after completion of the purchase. With Buy Real Media, we waited until our YouTube Views had been delivered, after which we asked the following:

9.5 Hours response time

No, it’s not possible to buy a bunch of Views and immediately generate ad-based revenues as a result.
Yes, but it’s up to you to ensure that they are authentic and credible.
Subscribers and Comments can be a great way of enhancing the appeal and performance of your posts and your channel at the same time. Let us know if you’re interested in placing an order.
We’re always happy to offer discounts and special deals for repeat customers. Let us know what you’re planning to order and we’ll send you a coupon code for a discount.

Order Recommendations

Quality social signals can be an affordable and effective promotional tool on competitive platforms like YouTube. Particularly for newcomers to YouTube and anyone with an underperforming channel, these are the kinds of metrics that can make all the difference. Our order with Buy Real Media was handled with nothing but professionalism, so we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others.

Daily Turnaround Time

The Views we ordered started appearing on our videos after around 2 hours, while the remaining balance materialised gradually over the next two days. We were promised a delivery window of approximately 72 hours, so Buy Real Media got the job done well within this time. We placed an order for 5,000 YouTube Views, though actually ended up with 5,112 in total.

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Quality of YouTube Views

We always take the time to carefully investigate the quality and authenticity of the social signals we buy. Particularly when it comes to brands like Buy Real Media, who claim to offer 100% authentic social signals and nothing but. Having put the Views we bought under the microscope, we’re pleased to say they appear to be the real-deal. Sourced from credible and convincing accounts, exactly as promised.

Our Test Results

Total Views


Device Type

Tablet, Mobile, Phone

Traffic Source

Apple Messages App, Safari App





Top Countries





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Retention Rate

Buy Real Media covers every sale with a 180-day retention warranty. As it’s extremely rare for Views to drop from a video after being delivered, we’ve had no reason to put it to the test. Still, it’s always reassuring to know that it’s there, just in case you need it.


On the whole, our experience with Buy Real Media was one of the most enjoyable and reassuring we’ve encountered to date. The YouTube Views we bought were outstanding in quality and more than justified the purchase price. We were also satisfied with the customer support provided by Buy Real Media, along with the speed at which our Views were delivered.

Once again, not the cheapest YouTube Views on the market, that you really can’t put a price on quality!

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User Ratings:

(Rated 4.5 / 5 based on 3 customer reviews)


  • Matthew Huynh

    Great Service! I have ordered 5000 youtube views, the quality of views was excellent, and they exceeded my expectations with their service. Thank you, Buy Real Media.
  • Nicole Park

    Awesome Service! I have ordered 10000 YouTube views, and I never lost a single view after a long time. I am excited to place next list of orders.