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Curious as to how buying YouTube comments could have a positive impact on your profile’s performance? Don't make the mistake of purchasing substandard social proof that could potentially harm your channel. Read on for all the info you’ll need on if, where and how you should buy YouTube comments:

Buy YouTube Comments Reviews

Curious as to how buying YouTube Comments could have a positive impact on your profile’s performance? Don’t make the mistake of purchasing substandard social proof that could potentially harm your channel. Use our exclusive buy YouTube Comments reviews for all the info you’ll need on it, where and how you should buy YouTube Comments! As an independent social specialist, we’re not afraid to tell it like it is.

Our buy YouTube Comments reviews provide a comprehensive lowdown on what to expect when doing business with the leading social sellers on the web right now. Avoid scammers and stay safe, using our independent and objective buy YouTube Comments reviews!


Top 3 Websites To BuyYouTube Comments

#1 Buy Real Media

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#2 MediaMister

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#3 GetAFollower

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  • No Limit On Ordering Views
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  • 100% Safe Views From Real People
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We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to, assessing and evaluating leading social sellers to make your life easier! Check out the shortlist above for an overview of the very best of the bunch! Each of which has proven itself as a real contender for the best place to buy YouTube Comments online right now, having performed beyond expectations from start to finish. Rather than focusing on the superficial, we evaluate the best places to buy YouTube Comments at a much deeper level. Customer support, response times to our questions, delivery processes, value for money, the authenticity of YouTube Comments and so much more besides. Having put the three brands above through their paces, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to others!

The Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Comments

Every example of social proof brings its unique advantages and disadvantages to the table. The same also goes for social sellers who specialize in these kinds of services. Depending on what you buy, how you buy it and who you buy it from, you could be looking at an entirely different experience.

In the following guide, you’ll find a complete overview of the pros and cons that accompany buying YouTube comments. If considering putting social proof to work for the benefit of your business, check out the information below and ensure you do what’s best for your channel:

The Pros

Pros Images
  • Pro List IconPure Realism: One of the biggest benefits of buying YouTube comments is the way in which it adds a sense of realism and authenticity to your channel and your content. Likes, views, subscribers, and shares are all great, but they don’t necessarily indicate genuine interaction and engagement. By contrast, YouTube comments show that those who’ve come across your content have been inspired to get involved in some way.
  • Pro List IconA Strong Start: Social proof, in general, is a great way of getting new YouTube channels off the ground in the first place. Nevertheless, the key to success lies in striking the perfect balance between the different types of social proof available. Along with subscribers, views, shares and so on, a solid contingency of comments can also be extremely helpful.
  • Pro List IconInfluence Opinion: Whatever you choose to say in the comments you purchase, it’s a great way of influencing opinion. Positive feedback on improving your credibility and the perceived value of video content - negative comments having the opposite effect. In both instances, it’s a great way of generating discussion and engagement.
  • Pro List IconBelievable Social Proof: If you buy likes, shares, and subscribers in heavy quantities but attract no comments whatsoever, your content and your channel are unlikely to come across as credible. Comments add an entirely new dynamic to the social proof you already have.
  • Pro List IconImproved Rankings: YouTube considers a variety of metrics when determining which videos to promote most prominently on its website. One of which being comments – videos attracting high levels of engagement being interpreted as superior in quality and value by YouTube’s indexation algorithm.
  • Pro List IconAttract More Subscribers: The behavior of the average YouTube user heavily influenced by the social proof they encounter online. When they come across a channel with plenty of subscribers, consistent engagement and a genuine sense of credibility, they’re far more likely to sign up organically.
  • Pro List IconBuild Authority: Generating engagement in any capacity that comprehensively demonstrates that you have something of value to offer. As such, the more comments and general conversation your content attracts, the greater your perceived authority in the eyes of others.
  • Pro List IconCost-Effectiveness: Of course, the fact that social proof is also comparatively inexpensive to purchase in the first place makes it an extremely cost-effective promotional tool. Irrespective of the size of your business and available marketing budget, YouTube comments and social proof, in general, are comprehensively accessible.

The Cons

Cons Images
  • Warning List IconThe Ethics: On the downside of things, it’s argued by critics that buying comments to promote your content and channel is unethical. They argue that unless the comments you attract are provided organically by everyday YouTube users, they shouldn’t use for promotional purposes.
  • Warning List IconGeneric Comments: Not every social media specialist offers custom comments you can write yourself. In some cases, you may be offering generic comments, written by an inexperienced team with substandard language skills and of no specific relevance to your channel. It is one of the reasons why you need to be extremely careful as to which service provider you work with.
  • Warning List IconDetectable Comments: Likewise, if it’s abundantly apparent that you have purchased YouTube comments, rather than attracting them organically, you could find yourself in trouble. Why anyone interested in buying YouTube comments needs to work exclusively with rated and recommended social specialists who guarantee superior quality.
  • Warning List IconNegative PR: Another criticism frequently voiced surrounds the practice of buying and using negative YouTube comments as an offensive weapon against others. Nevertheless, it’s a surprisingly widespread practice and one that small and large businesses worldwide routinely take part in.
  • Warning List IconPotential for Scams: Safely buying social proof means doing whatever it takes to avoid scam sellers, who’ve no interest in anything but disappearing with your cash. You need to take as much time as necessary to vet and verify the available service providers, to avoid being left high and dry. Or worse still, sold the kind of social proof that could land you and your channel in trouble.


If you get it right, the answer is yes. YouTube comments have the potential to add something uniquely powerful and influential to your wider social media marketing strategy. Particularly when it comes to building a sense of credibility and authority, buying YouTube comments, really can make all the difference.
It all depends on who you work with and the specifics of the products you purchase. In most instances, it’s a case of placing an order for generic comments – or specifying the custom comments you require - after which they’ll gradually add to the respective posts over a few days.
Technically speaking, the comments are fake – they’re made up for the benefit of your content and your channel. However, it’s critically important to ensure that the accounts the comments come from are 100% real and verified. Comments sourced from fake and fraudulent accounts are a sure-fire recipe for trouble.
Social proof, in general, is only effective and safe when it is 100% undetectable from the real thing. In this instance, therefore, it’s important to ensure that the YouTube comments you buy are as authentic and believable as possible. If the seller offers you anything fake or fraudulent, it’s not a seller you want anything to do with.
Technically, yes. The comments you buy won’t have any direct impact on your revenues or profitability, but will instead make it far easier to promote your content and your channel. Comments can also be great for inspiring others to take an interest in what you have to say, which could, in turn, lead to an uptick in sales and general conversions.
The service provider can answer this question who you decide to work with. Nevertheless, you need to focus more on value for money than low prices. While it’s possible to pick up comments and other examples of social proof for pennies, you run the risk of spammy services leading to detection. Irrespective of the expense, choose the highest-quality social specialist available.
The comments you purchase will come from real YouTube account holders, who after leaving their comment will not interact with your channel any further. Buying comments is all about generating discussion and building a sense of credibility, as opposed to buying active customer audiences who will engage with your channel.
It is essentially the primary goal when purchasing social proof in just about any form. The idea being that when social proof used strategically, your channel benefits from improved exposure, a boost to its credibility and a much greater sense of authority. In which case, you’re far more likely to attract real subscribers and customers organically.
Social proof has the potential to transform the performance of just about any business on YouTube. Nevertheless, social proof doesn’t have any direct impact on the quality of whatever it is you have to offer. If your channel provides nothing but garbage, you can’t expect to be taken seriously – even if you do promote your work using social proof. YouTube likes, comments, shares and so on are simply about exposure and promotion – it’s up to you to deliver the goods quality-wise!


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