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Mediamister Review Mediamister Review
December 20, 2019

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Starting price per 1000 Views


MediaMister Review



MediaMister - USA

Starting Price

$5/1000 YouTube Views


Registered in 2012


Views, Dislikes, Comments, Shares, Likes, Subscribers, Favorites.

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MediaMister Review: In a Nutshell

Ever wondered whether MediaMister is capable of living up to its promises? Or whether you’re looking at another social media seller that’s all bark and no bite?

To find out for sure, we placed an order for 1,000 YouTube views with MediaMister and documented the entire experience from start to finish. The good news is that from beginning to end, we found MediaMister to be a comprehensively reliable service provider and a pleasure to deal with.

In terms of delivery, audience retention and customer support, MediaMister delivered on all fronts. On the whole, therefore, MediaMister comes highly recommended as a capable and competent service provider for social media enhancement. If our experience with MediaMister was an accurate representation of their typical performance, you wouldn’t be disappointed!

MediaMister Review: In Depth

Far from an ambitious newcomer to the scene, MediaMister has been doing what it does best for around six years now. Established in 2012 and operating from offices in Arizona, MediaMister offers an extensive range of social media improvement and enhancement services for businesses of all sizes.

Along with flexible products and packages, MediaMister is known for providing excellent customer support and continually adapting to the changing face of social media worldwide.

Service Plans

MediaMister offers a variety of YouTube services. You can buy Normal Views, HR Views, Country Targeted Views, Dislikes, Likes, Subscribers, Favorites, Shares, and Comments.

















1 Million Views


Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

Having consulted all terms and conditions set out by MediaMister, we found their overall method of operation to be consistently fair and reasonably easy to understand. Specifically, we viewed the following documents and reached the subsequent conclusions listed below:

Terms and Conditions

  • The Terms of Service laid out by MediaMister are typical of a quality social media specialist.
  • The company works hard to prevent fraudulent and generally unscrupulous practices.

Privacy Policy

  • The company has a standard Privacy Policy.
  • MediaMister promises not to sell, loan or share the private information of its customers with third-parties at any time.

Refund Policy

  • MediaMister offers customers a reassuring 30-day refund period.
  • If the company is unable to deliver on its promises within time, customers are entitled to a full refund.

Retention Policy

  • MediaMister is providing all social Media Service covered by a relatively standard 30-day retention guaranteed.

Customer Support

We believe in the importance of quality customer support, which is why we put MediaMister’s service team to the test with a handful of key questions. You’ll find more information regarding their responses below – all of which met our requirements and expectations perfectly.

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Customer service quality:

What was MediaMister’s average e-mail response time?

8.5 Hours

Was the MediaMister customer service team friendly and professional?


Were they able to answer all questions confidently?


Were the answers they provided genuinely helpful?


Does the MediaMister provide the answers to most common questions?


Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form


Live Chat


Email Address


Phone Number


Mailing Address


Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Before we ordered, we like to send some questions to test the company's customer support. As you can see, MediaMister responded to our questions fairly quickly, with informative answers laid out nicely.

8.5 Hours response time

We will begin adding the views to your chosen posts within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order.
Gradually over this delivery period, though we can roll out larger orders over a longer period of time if preferred.
YouTube account holders spanning the entire world will be viewing your posts.
It occasionally happens from time to time but is something we are unable to guarantee. Most will simply view your videos and nothing else.
Again, it’s in the control of those watching them. The viewers may watch your videos in full if they like them, but we are unable to make such guarantees.
No – we work extremely hard to ensure that the views we sell are authentic and undetectable.
No – nothing we do contravenes the terms and conditions set out by YouTube, so your account is never in danger.
If we are unable to deliver on our promises, you will be eligible for a full refund.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

Of course, it can also be useful to determine what kind of service these kinds of sellers provide after you've placed your order. Which is why we presented MediaMister with our usual selection of essential questions and queries after their services had been delivered.

8.5 Hours response time

No – the views cannot be removed once they have been applied.
Yes - repeat customers may be eligible for a 10% discount, while bulk orders should be discussed with our customer service team directly
It’s entirely up to them, but doesn’t form part of our standard service package and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
No – our services have never resulted in any kind of penalization or negative account issues whatsoever.

Our Recommendations

Building on our own experiences with MediaMister, we’d highly recommend their services to anyone interested in expanding their reach and professional profile on YouTube. We were very impressed with their capacity to successfully help new and existing YouTube accounts:

Popularity Icon


Helps with this

Attract More Attention Icon


Helps with this

Hight View Icon


Helps with this

Go Viral Icon


Helps with this

Reputation Icon


Helps with this

Get More Organic Views Icon


Helps with this

Project Delivery Time

As promised, MediaMister fulfilled our order well within the specified 72-hour period – the vast majority of views being delivered within the first 24 hours. The entire project was completed by the end of the second working day.

Chart Image

Quality of YouTube Views

The authenticity of the YouTube views provided was first-rate, with the vast majority originating from the Netherlands. We also received views from a handful of additional countries across Europe and the rest of the world. We were also very impressed with the 95% retention rate MediaMister delivered, meaning that the overwhelming majority of viewers chose to watch the video in its entirety.

Our Test Results

Total Views


Device Type

Tablet, Mobile, Phone

Traffic Source

Apple Messages App, Safari App





Top Countries





Top States





Ongoing Retention

To date, 100% of the MediaMister views we purchased have remained in place with zero drops.

Day One: 100%
Day One: 100%
Day One: 100%
Day One: 100%
Day One: 100%
Day One: 100%
Day One: 100%


On the whole, there was nothing about our experience with MediaMister that we could honestly say we were unhappy with. The full package of 1,000 views was delivered much more quickly than expected, quality was first-rate, and we actually came out of the deal with closer to 1,200 views.

On top of this, customer service provision was superb from beginning to end, the prices charged by MediaMister are comparatively low, and it’s always reassuring to work with a service provider that offers a full satisfaction guarantee.

Once again, therefore, anyone looking to boost your reach, authority, and appeal on YouTube (or any social media platform, for that matter) should definitely check out what’s on offer from the folks at MediaMister.

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User Ratings:

(Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 28 customer reviews)


  • Luis Hope

    I have ordered 1000 USA Youtube views, and they have delivered what I expected was. One of the best social media service provider I have seen. Good service keep it up!!!
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Leona Rosa

    I have wrongly purchased 500 Youtube dislikes instead of buying Youtube likes for my video, then I contacted their customer support via chat and explained the situation they have understood very well. On the same day, they have changed my dislikes into likes. I am Happy with this service provider.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      It is our pleasure to assist you
  • Michael Smart

    I have ordered 1000 High Retention Youtube views on Mediamister. Within two days I have received all the views with better retention. I am quite impressed, and then I have placed further two more orders on him.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Jim Richards

    Ordered 100 dislikes from mediamister to make my videos more natural. On the second day, I have contacted their customer support to know the status of my order. They have replied that the order will be delivered within 1-2 days and I have received the dislikes within the time they have mentioned. The best customer support service.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Michael Williams

    I have placed an order for 50 Youtube random comments. They have delivered all the comments from real accounts which looks as so natural. And the comments which they have given are ideally suited to the video. Thanks for your service.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Sharon Watts

    First time using Mister Media, I was a bit skeptical after reading some of the reviews, but I purchased an order and it was delivered within 1 day of the 4 days stated. Much quicker than expected. Also their communication is very good. RECOMMENDED 9/10.
  • John Bender

    I was in a dilemma whether I can order with 1000 YT views from Mediamister. I tried it once and it was really great the views were delivered on time. I will try this once again.
  • Jackelyn Brunson

    Amazing service. Super recommended.
  • David Peter

    Mediamister Youtube views have boosted my business and it is worth to spend as an investment.
  • Thomas Moore

    Mediamister rocks with their services. I never thought that I will receive the views on time but they made it possible.
  • Teddy Dehaven

    You guys are doing great service. I will order Youtube views once again.
  • Lillian Hansen

    It makes me to order some more. I say this because the services are excellent and deliveries happen on time. Thanks to YT views on Mediamister.
  • Ruth Bays

    Excellent customer service from Mediamister. Support solved every query and answers were precise. They helped to me buy the views while I had the payment issue with Paypal.
  • Aldo Temple

    Mediamister is Awesome. Their support functions are great and Youtube views were an immense help for me to promote my product.
  • Craig Spencer

    Hello Mediamister, thanks a ton for your wonderful services.
  • Christopher Lenhart

    One of my friends recommended Mediamister YT view to my channel. I was not sure how things will work with views. Once I ordered it, your magic made my channel started getting lot of viewers. Thank you Mediamister.
  • George Richards

    Your smile is guaranteed while you order the views with Mediamister.