GetAFollower Are you planning to buy YouTube views from Well then read our GetAFollower review before deciding to buy YouTube views from them.
GetAFollower Review GetAFollower Review
December 20, 2019

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GetAFollower Review



GetAFollower - USA

Starting Price

$5/1000 YouTube Views


Registered in 2018


Views, Subscribers, Comments,
Likes/Dislikes, Shares

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GetAFollower Review: In a Nutshell

We bought 1,000 YouTube views from to see if their products and services lived up to the hype. Overall, we were extremely happy with the quality of the views and the customer support provided.

Fast response times, competitive prices and high audience retention added up to an impressive package on the whole. What’s more, all services came with a full money-back guarantee and retention warranty. Anyone looking for a fast, safe and cheap way to buy YouTube views will definitely find what they’re looking for at


Based in Arizona, USA, established in 2012, but the team of developers behind the business has decades of combined experience in digital marketing. offers a wide variety of services across countless popular platforms, though for the purposes of this review we focused on YouTube followers. Along with superb social media enhancement services and low prices, that customer support provided by really was second to none.

Service Plans

Customers provided with a variety of options for enhancing their YouTube accounts and published videos, including Views, Likes, Dislikes, Subscribers, Comments, and Shares. Along with a series of popular packages for immediate purchase online, also takes requests for custom and bulk orders.

















1 Million Views


Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

We always check the terms and conditions in full, prior to going ahead with any of our reviews. You’ll find a brief summary of our findings below – toggle the sections to learn more about our experience with

Terms and Conditions

  • has a relatively straightforward and concise T&Cs document.

Privacy Policy

  • The privacy policy set out by is fair and easy to understand.

Refund Policy

  • In case anything goes wrong, has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Retention Policy

  • Retention warranties of various lengths offered as standard on all products available from

Customer Support

Getting in touch with the customer support team at proved to be easy. We tested both the Live Chat facility and the on-page contact form – both of which resulted in rapid responses and strong support from the team.

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Quality of Support

Average Response Time

9 Hours

Friendly Response?


Informative Response?


All questions Answered?


Answers already on website?


Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form


Live Chat


Email Address


Phone Number


Mailing Address


Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Prior to placing orders, we always submit a series of questions to service providers like, just to get an initial idea of how they do business. We received a response from by email in just over eight hours, while our Live Chat request prompted a response within minutes. We were also happy with the quality and completeness of the answers we were provided with, which you’ll find more information about below.

9 Hours response time

We begin delivering results within the first couple of hours, completing delivery in no more than 48-72 hours.
The views you purchase will be delivered over this period of time (Spread out).
Viewers from all over the world will be watching your video.
This is entirely up to the people who watch your videos – they’re real users, so it is entirely up to them.
Again, this all comes down to personal preferences and whether or not they like your videos.
Not unless you tell them – our views are identical to the real thing.
This has never happened and never will, as we only provide 100% real views of the highest quality.
If we fail to deliver on our promises, we’ll give you your money back

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We also send a selection of standard questions to the service providers we review upon completion of the order, which helps us gauge the quality of the aftercare provided. Once again, we were happy with the responses provided by, which fell in line with our expectations.

9 Hours response time

No. Once the views are in place, they cannot be removed.
Absolutely. We welcome repeat orders, custom orders and bulk orders alike. Simply use the promo code in this email to claim your 10% discount on your next order.
Additional interaction may happen, but it’s entirely up to the account holders themselves who watch your videos.
This is something that has never happened – all the services we offer are tested, verified, safe and secure.

Our Recommendations

Whatever your primary motive for buying YouTube views, chances are you’ll achieve it with the help of We check the services of the companies we work with against a series of key metrics, which in the case of were all easily met and surpassed. The fact that the YouTube views sold for such an impressively low price also came as a pleasant surprise.


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Quality of YouTube Views

The majority of the YouTube views provided by came from the Netherlands, with the rest originating from other European countries. We were particularly impressed with the average watch time of 95% - one of the highest we’ve come across carrying out these reviews.

Our Test Results

Total Views


Device Type

Tablet, Mobile, Phone

Traffic Source

Apple Messages App, Safari App





Top Countries





Top States





Retention Rate

The retention rate of our views has been perfect, which is to expected. YouTube is not known for removing views.


On the whole, exceeded our expectations in almost every way. The prices were more than fair, they over-delivered on our order by approximately 200 YouTube views, and the rate of delivery was superb. We found the customer support provided to be genuinely outstanding, and while the average e-mail response time wasn’t exactly stellar, it was still far better than other brands we’ve worked with.

The fact that satisfaction guarantees and retention warranties offered across the board also inspires a lot of confidence. Topped-off with an average watch time of 95%, we were genuinely impressed by everything we experienced while trialling A competent social media specialist gets our full recommendation.

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User Ratings:

(Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 21 customer reviews)


  • Jennie Brown

    I have purchased 100 Youtube subscribers for my channel. They have delivered all the 100 subscribers within 2-3 days in a gradual way and it looks so natural. An excellent service, thank you.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Mary Robison

    I have ordered 100 youtube likes to test their services. They have delivered all the likes from the real people, and the likes which they have given are stable. I am happy with their service, now I have placed the order of 1000 more likes.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Elizabeth Graham

    Ordered 1000 Youtube subscribers and I am afraid, whether the Youtube will ban my channel for using these kinds of services. But they have delivered the real subscribers more naturally and my channel is not banned by Youtube. One of the safest social media service provider.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Marian Brink

    I have placed an order for 5000 Youtube views. They have delivered all the views gradually, but after some time there are some drops in the delivered views. Then I have contacted their customer support to refill the lost views. I am surprised because all the lost views are refilled within 24-48 hours. Thanks for your excellent service.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • William Calhoun

    I have placed a 25 Youtube custom comments order. Within 2-3 days I have received all the comments from real profiles as it is which I have sent. I am impressed and thanks for your fabulous work.
    • Author Icon

      Eddie Jones

      Thank You!!!
  • Julia Jimenez

    Without your service, my business would have not got boosted. Thanks a lot, Getafollower.
  • David Olsen

    You are the right choice for my business. Wonderful figures with the Youtube views and cannot believe its delivered in real quick turnaround time. Kudos Getafollower.
  • Kevin Fabertin

    I had problem with making payments with Paypal. Consulted customer support and it was an awesome experience they made it possible to get the order done. Excellent customer service.
  • Teddy Dehaven

    You guys are doing great service. I will order Youtube views once again.
  • Gail Ramirez

    You really deserve the appreciation. Awesome job and timely delivery.
  • Robert Renner

    I cannot wait anymore. You made me to write this in your site. My first order, second order and goes on with you guys. I cannot match up your level of service with other competitors. You guys are consistent. Thanks a lot.
  • Albert Xavier

    Assurance is 100 percent guaranteed. I strongly recommend your Youtube views to my friends. Getafollower is great.
  • John Nealon

    Getafollower is perfect site to rely on to boost up the Youtube views. As a marketing professional I recommend this to everyone.
  • William Farnsworth

    My online business has gone wild and I could experience a giant leap now. This happened only because of the Getafollower service. The order of Youtube views with you has taken my business to next level.
  • Raphael Duran

    Your services made me to rely on you every time. Keep up the good work and great customer service. Getafollower stands out from the crowd.